The entire course is a blend of Practical approach to implementations & detailed explanation's of critical 'Must Know' areas. Below is a glance of the different areas we will be covering the eBook.

Basics of Python

Brushing up the basics. We've Covered the basic underlying concepts that you need to get started with Python.

Artificial Intelligence

Stop wasting time by knowing every second what you need to do in order to achieve your business goals

Natural Language Processing

One of the key layer that enables Artificial Intelligence is Natural Language Processing (NLP), understand the concept and Working.

Robotic System Architecture

Let us simplify the architecture behind the complex system that forms as a structure for the AI.


A quick refresher and know hows of MicroController Programming that is easy to follow. We've got the basics covered.


We use all the concepts, hardware and code we've written so far to implement a Self Driving Robot that moves around

Upgrade your knowledge for the FUTURE

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This 2018 a majority of the HIGH PAYING jobs will be in the Autonomous vehicle sector.

Are you ready for this upcoming Billion $ market?

Step 1: is to know about this market.

Step 2: is to choose any one niche in this market
( Eg: Machine Learning, DIP, Kine-dynamics programming, Fusion Data Algorithms etc. )

Step 3: is to master that 1 niche you have chosen.

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When asked: What you liked the most in this course? Customers reported increased performance & learning in the following areas, on average:

Sensor Fusion & Data Science 70%
Machine Learning 90%
Practical approach to programming Autonomous vehicles 80%

Written by Autonomous experts & professionals working in the industry, this eBook contains everything that can take you to the next level.

  • Focuses on areas that make up this entire vertical.
  • Employs practical - applied techniques for better understanding.
  • Extra effort taken to make things simple & understandable.

Autonomous Vehicles is an extremly high tech and upcoming vertical. Everyday new patents are filed & new modules are getting introduced. No better time to enter this amazing industry!

As the sector keeps growing and changing, we will keep updating this eBook based on the latest trend. And we will keep sending you the updates Free for life.

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I take the course?

Right away, once you've enrolled, you get access to the course ebook, you can start learning.


What does the enrollment fee include?

All courses come with a course eBook, an active knowledgeable student community that you can interact and get help from. Once you've completed your course, you can even upload the video of your project to get feedback from the community.


What format does the class take?

Currently, Once you've enrolled, you get the Course eBooks, which are split in two parts, based on the lesson topics. In the Future, We plan to make immersive instructional Course Videos that will supplement your learning.


Will an Instructor see my work?

We do not guarantee that an Instructor will see your work. However, Periodically, Our Instructors may present the opportunity to demo what you've built. When it arises, we'll intimate you through the community. Please sign up for the community, to keep yourself updated.


How Can I keep myself updated with the Driverless Vehicle Industry news and trends?

There are a lot of outlets that cover the Driverless / Autonomous Vehicle News exclusively, namely : and , both are good sources to keep yourself updated.

Top 3 reasons to DOWNLOAD this incredible eBook...

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Trillion $ industry

The entire world + All the Automobile companies are getting into this. Trillions of Dollars worth Projects are expected to be outsourced.

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Future of Software Jobs

Its a fact that all existing Software Jobs are going to be converted. Experts expect 90% of the jobs to be in some way related to Autonomous vehicles.

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Start something today!

On the other hand, this market gives the perfect first mover advantage for wanna be Entrepreneurs. Choose a niche & startup today...

Spend 5 mins, to understand the Future!

20,000+ aspiring learners from various companies!

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About Us

We are a growing community of 20,000+ technology enthusiasts. We firmly believe in the Driver-less future. The aim of the community is to acquire and share knowledge about this booming industry. The high paying jobs of 2018 are all going to be in someway related to Autonomous vehicle technologies. Every leading publication in the world has confirmed that this is becoming a multi Trillion Dollar industry. Already billions of dollars worth software projects have started to get outsourced to companies. The demand for technology professionals in this sector has out-grown supply!
The only question is. Are you equipped with the required knowledge?

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